Is this you?

It’s not really fair to want to tear a person down, is it? Or rather, to undermine them consistently over months and months, ebbing away at their self confidence. By all means, life and friendship is about contrary opinions. It’s about debating and disagreeing and feeling passionate things. But if you find yourself constantly ever-so-slightly correcting every thing that someone says, it is not them. It’s you.

So look into your heart. Why are you doing this? What is it about this person that makes you want to make them look a fool? Is it REALLY that important? Does it make you feel bigger and better to make someone else feel a bit smaller and a bit more stupid? 

Maybe, for a change, see if you can actually get your head around what they’re saying without deliberately trying to find flaws. 

Maybe, for a change, see if you can just sit and have a nice conversation.


You may be amazed at the knock on effect it will have on your life.

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