Fighting Lyrics

This song is a trio between Harry, Ron and Hermione and their feelings about the situation at hand in Deathly Hallows. (Harry is in italics.)

I can’t sleep tonight
Keep tossing in bed
Just keep going over
These thoughts in my head
I know that it’s up to me
To fight the good fight
But nothing can stop these fears
From haunting me at night

Chorus 1

Once again it’s up to me

Fighting demons no one sees

Oh, oh

Things are different now
We see it in him
His smile doesn’t reach his eyes
But he keeps it all in
Just let us share the load,
We’ll stand by your side.
Don’t think that you’re on your own
We’re with you in this fight!

Chorus 2

Why can’t you see that we’re here
To fight with you until the end?
Nothing can stop us from being there
When you most need your friends.

Thing seem darker right now,
But we wouldn’t leave you alone.
Just  look around you and see
That when you’re with us, you’re home.


No one can understand
The cross that I bear
I just want somebody
Someone, who’ll be there

[All three] And though we all know
There’s darkness  on the way
Together we’re stronger
We’re with you, come what may!

Chorus 1 & Chorus 2

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