I.O.U. Lyrics

This is a duet between Moriarty and John Watson from Sherlock, when both men reflect on the Reichenbach fall from different perspectives.


I don’t believe it
You can’t be gone
I couldn’t get there
And it was done
You planted doubt
rewrote the truth
Now I’m at your grave
And I owe you

I owe you it all

This game we played
Has reached its end
And though we both had fun, my friend
things aren’t the same.
You’ll see it through.
Now comes the fall that I owe you.

I owe you a fall

Within this war we’ve had our turn,
And now I swear I’ll see you burn
There’s nothing left for you to do
I’ll burn the heart out of you

And now alone I sit and wait
And all the time replay your fate
I hear the words of your last call
Behind my eyes I see you fall

I owe you it all/ I owe you a fall

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