I made a song! Have it for free!

The last few weeks have been different! I spent a week in England with friends seeing all of the touristy parts of London that I’d never actually seen before. It was definitely different to see the city from that point view, instead of just somewhere I have to be for a show or event.

Ellie and I pose by Tower Bridge after a rainy production of Henry V in the Globe!

Since then, I’ve been recovering from the dreaded strep throat and hosting the above Ellie for a few days of fun here in Cork.

While I was in Southend-On-Sea, I got a phone call from a university I’d auditioned for. They offered me a place in 3rd year of the four-year degree programme! Back to college – woooooooohhhmygod. Delight and apprehension are flooding me! Think of all the new stationary that awaits….

In order to keep myself from going nuts with trying to imagine myself back in college, I’ve been trying to stay creative. Last week, I collaborated on a song with Belfast musician, Martin Byrne. The song is free to download, so please have a listen! It’s freeeee and I really like it!

Martin is a composer who created a project last year called “Song a Day for a Year” (SADFAY). I featured on his October album then, and this year he’s making a Song a Week for a Year (SAWFAY.) Both are incredible projects and it’s interesting to see how versatile the styles of music that he comes up with are, considering the time scale he works to.

Obligatory visit to Blarney Castle

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