Le Petit Chat Noir Vintage Fair

The greeting-ladies set the tone for the event with
their fabulous hair and make-up..
On Sunday, Cork saw it’s only proper vintage fair arrive at the Flying Enterprise complete with victory rolls and bunting. I have several friends in the UK who craft and sell at vintage fairs and I wonder all the time why we don’t have more of them here. It seems that (in Cork, at least) there is quite a strong interest in the vintage and classic.
Just inside the door I found Aoife from Potty But Posh. Aoife makes beautiful hats, as I learned at the wedding of a mutual friend in February. (I’d meandered over to the table she was sitting at because all the ladies had such  amazing headwear!)

Below are some examples of  Aoife’s work. She also sells her hats and headpieces in  Miss Daisy Blue, in the English Market in Cork. Miss Daisy Blue is a vintage clothes shop and also had a stall set up at the fair.

Potty But Posh
Potty but Posh
A treasure-trove, as usual!
This was a stall by one of my favourite shops in Cork (also in the Market!) Peacock and Ruby had a selection of their fine vintage-style wears on display. I love this shop so much and always bring friends to stop in when they visit from outside of Cork.
The ‘peacock’ from Peacock and Ruby
A purchase! From ‘The Gilded Rose’

One of my favourite stalls was this one called ‘The Gilded Rose,’ which was run by a very nice lady! We had a great chat about her crocheted flowers and I ended up buying the pale blue barrette you see above

Congratulations, Le Chat Noir! It was a lovely event – I hope we’ll see more soon!


I thought these hairbands were
very cure and great value for money!
A selection of hand-crocheted soft-furnishings by ‘Flour’

This was unusual! Historical coins.
These cakes were INCREDIBLE! I had a mint grasshopper mini
cupcake. Seriously – Swell, if you’re reading: can I PLEASE have
the recipe?!
Note: This is how you set out an eye-catching table! These designs are by Silkscreen Sweetie. She wins bonus points from me for having bunting… 🙂

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