How to Organise Your Fridge in 3 Easy Steps

Dear friends,

In the interest of inspiring others (and in shaming myself into action) I am letting you see the awful state of my fridge.
Look at it. It’s awful. There’s so much food crammed in there and none of it is organised.

In my defense, it’s been a crazy few weeks and I’m not the only person who lives here. Most of that food is not mine.

Recently on Pinterest I saw a picture of someone’s freezer, which had plastic baskets keeping it tidy. I had to try this! In a pound shop I found exactly the right sort of baskets for just €1.50 each!


Is this not a most beautiful sight?


Empty the fridge and throw out ANYTHING that needs to go, or that won’t get used. Any dairy products that are past their use-by date need to go. Condiment bottles that are nearly empty – let them go.
Clean, scour, scrub! Take out the shelves, clean and dry them, wash the sides down and make sure it’s all ready for the food.
Fill the baskets. Use one for cheeses, one for vegetables, one for jars, etc. Make sure that the bottom of all jars, bottles and cartons are clean before you put them back in the fridge
Vegetable basket.
The cheese basket.

This has worked out so well! And it’s lovely to know exactly what’s in there. I’m hoping that the baskets will keep things a little neater, and show more clearly how much of each thing we have. 🙂


The finished product!

I’d love to know if you try this! Let me know how it works out! 🙂

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