Weird Dream

Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant. Well, I didn’t believe I was pregnant. I thought it was all a horrible mistake and I’d ended up in the maternity wing of a hospital by accident. The midwives were very sweet to me but all I could think was “I’m just fat. This is so embarrassing, why will no one believe me?!”

So I cried and panicked and insisted that there was no baby in there. One of the midwives pulled out an ultrasound machine and showed me the baby’s heartbeat. And then I understood why, dispite my exercise and diet efforts, I hadn’t lost any weight. There was a CHILD growing in me. When I ran to the bathroom to assimilate the information, I overheard the midwives saying they would have to induce me, and then later I was going to have  C-section. I woke up before I gave birth.

All day I’ve felt so sad that I’m not pregnant.

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