Coming tomorrow!

These last few weeks have been insane for me. Between work and traveling, I’ve barely had time to sit down. Between last Thursday and Tuesday I went from Cork -> London -> Gothenburg -> London -> Cork -> Dublin -> Cork with work from Tuesday evening to Thursday evening. So today (Friday) has been the first day that I’ve been able to go out and get some food shopping.


Three of them. Beautiful little ones! I’m excited about making them into pies, soups, pasties and curry! It’s been more than a year since my last Pumpkin Post. This time I promise to post recipes.

2 thoughts on “Coming tomorrow!

  1. Yay! Chris bought a pumpkin to carve on Halloween since I'll be working and she'll be by herself. We also bought decorative ones you can carve but haven't made it that far yet. I can see five pumpkins just from the desk… They're my favorite autumn decoration. I made banana bread yesterday. Next up? Pumpkin bread, of course! I'll also be making pumpkin ice cream for dessert on Thanksgiving!

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