What makes Adele so nice, for me, is that her music is quite straightforward. It’s like the accumulation of all the music she’s listened to in this (what I would describe as) heightened era of musicians being able to do whatever they like. She’s taken all this stuff in, digested it, and then written some songs straight our of her heart. Then she’s sung them in a plain way with her nice voice. She’s talking to us, she’s communicating. I like that.

I think that’s why so many people are loving her so much. They’re hearing what she’s saying and understanding it. Maybe it’s just because there’s something to understand in the first place. It’s not about shaking your ass or being purely an object of sex. The funny thing is that I am not one of her devoted followers – I just understand what I’m hearing. And I like that. I respect it – and for that I respect her.

Listen to the piano part. It’s so basic. Then there’s a straightforward harmony on strings. It’s the same thing in ‘Someone Like You.’ It’s just broken chords. But that’s perfect, because it means that the story can come across and doesn’t have to compete with anything.

I like it. 🙂

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