New Things.

Hello neglected blog. The number of times that I’ve drafted blogs in my head over the last month is ridiculous. I’ve wanted to blog almost every day. The thing is, when I’m going through a period of high stress or feeling low or whatever, I tend to not want to document it. It’s like the opposite of being a teenager. Now I would rather look over entries and relive times when I was happy or calm. At 10.07 on this sunny Sunday morning, as I sit in bed listening to music and lawnmowers I would say I feel content.

Kylie has a nice hairband. She made it herself!

The reason for my contentment is the prospect of waking up somewhere else from now on. I’M MOVING! This day last week I picked a house to look at, looked at it and met the lovely people living in it and tomorrow I’m moving in. Bish, bash, bosh! I can’t explain how delighted I am. Something my homeopath said to me made me realise that I was spending too much time looking after the people around me and not focusing enough on myself.

My house is a building site at the moment, with bits of wood and dust everywhere. (Not to mention the furniture piled up everywhere.) That’s quite stressful. Then my dad’s been ill for about three weeks and finally went into hospital on Thursday for pain management. (He has chronic pain and kidney stones.) So, that and the dog keeps eating every weird thing she sees – including some broken pieces of glass. She’s already on antibiotics because the vet things she may have eaten some plastic. (I’m going to buy her a mesh muzzle because she’s kind of a danger to herself.)

Mel has nice fluffy cat shoes. 🙂

I’ve just found that taking care of the house, the dad and the dog have been a bit much for me of late and it’s time to spend some time on myself. I’m moving into town, to a gorgeous big house full of mature student artists and musicians and a cat. What I’m MOST looking forward too are the times when I can just spend a morning practicing singing, cooking just for myself, composing in my room, I AM GOING TO READ SO MUCH OMG, having friends come to stay, and being able to focus on my diet and exercise. Over the last four weeks, my healthy diet has gotten worse and worse owing to no kitchen and stress. I’m looking forward to getting back on track before the Easter.

Last night when I needed a break from packing I started to look at places and requirements for MMus degrees in the UK. So, my new life will include a lot of sight singing, piano and learning Italian! I can do it, though. I have time now. 🙂

I luv dem.

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