Not a Slacker!

(At the risk of sounding American:) I HAVE TOTALLY NOT BEEN SLACKING OFF!

I’ve written a LOT of sets of lyrics and thought an awful lot about things. Tomorrow I’ll be back in the music room and it will be fabulous.

It’s interesting, this project. It’s particularly interesting that ALL my lyrics are about the time in life when you are young and expected to understand what the heck is going on and who you are and what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. That time that I hope I’m coming out the other side of. So, I’m going to write some music for those songs and choose something else to write a song about. Last night I forced myself to write about something else. And I was quite happy with the result. But let’s see how it is with music. 🙂

When I’m out and about, of even doing something as mundane as peeling carrots, I seem to have these great sparks of inspiration for songs. But I forget them almost as soon as I’m finished what I’m doing. Ah, so fickle is the nature of creativity.


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