The Making of the Pumpkin Pie

Welcome autumn! It was really fiery and gorgeous for about two days and now it’s lashing rain. It’s pretty in a different way. Wet or grey weather is never something that I complain about. It’s just very Irish, isn’t it. It’s a different sort of lovely and amazing.
When I was in school I used to imagine that college would be this endless autumn with scarves and coffee. It kind of was, but colder and rainier. There was lots of coffee, anyway.

When it’s all moldy and slimy outside, it’s makes me feel much more justified in staying indoors and baking. Last week I bought a GIANT pumpkin for six euro in the English Market in Cork. Last year I had my first go of cooking with a pumpkin and was informed after the fact that I was using the wrong sort of pumpkin.

It seems that in Ireland we seem to only use one sort – the big jack-o-lantern kind. Trust me, it tastes amazing. I am so completely unconcerned with it not being a “pie pumpkin.”

Last year I scooped out the innards of our actual jack-o-lantern so I had to be quite careful of damaging his beautiful visage. But this year I was free to do whatever was necessary (bwa-ha-ha >:D ).

This pumpkin provided enough for two pumpkin pies, a vat of pumpkin soup, a tray of pumpkin pasties and a lot of purée has gone in the freezer for later.

Have you tried pumpkin? I don’t think it’s that common in the UK and Ireland. If anyone has any other suggestions for how to use up the rest of the pumpkin, please comment! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Making of the Pumpkin Pie

  1. Your pumpkin pie looks great Amy – we also get the wrong kind pumpkins but I've never let that stop me! I tried a great recipe for pumpkin pasta last year which was basically spaghetti, olive oil, garlic and pumpkin it was lovely and a great use of any left over 'flesh' 🙂

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