Vibes and Scribes

My amazingly fantastic and beautiful bookshelves. Back when it was new and i didn’t want to overburden it.

On Tuesday I met my friend Martha for Coffee in Cork Coffee Roasters. That’s irrelevant (but nice!) When we were finished I insisted we went into Vibes and Scribes, the bookshop next door because it’s literally against the law to be near a Vibes and Scribes and not go in.

Let me just explain a little bit about Vibes and Scribes…

IT’S BEAUTIFUL! It’s kind of like the bookshop of your dreams. Kind of. Not only do the have the best selection of cookery and bakery books in Cork, they also sell CUTE FABRIC for dressmaking and crafts. They have three branches in the city.

1: The craft shop.

2: The new books and fabric shop.
So many books on art, photography, cooking and baking, classics, young children’s books, Irish writers, novels and random kitchen equipment.

3: The new and second hand book shop.
YAY SECOND HAND BOOKS AND DVDS AND ALSO MORE COOKERY BOOKS! There’s a really heartbreakingly beautiful gardening section and a humour section and a young adult section.

And on top of that they have craft demonstrations for FREE every week in bookbinding, sewing, jewellery making and more. AND they hold weekly knitting groups and book clubs for children and adults.

Right, back to the story.

Martha saw a notice in the window that said they wanted full time staff. Suddenly my eyes grew as large as my head and filled with stars, just like an anime! And now I’ve completely convinced myself that I will work in Vibes and Scribes and it will be beautiful. I stayed up stupidly late last night editing my CV and even later just fantasizing about what life willwould be like if I worked there full time.

Now I have this weird pain in my chest that probably won’t go away until I know that I don’t have the job. D:

D: D: D:

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