Vision Board

Yesterday I made one of those lame-ass vision board things. You’re meant to find pictures of what you want in life and shtick ’em onto a poster. Or, alternatively flick through magazines and just cut out the pictures that capture you or spark your imagination.

I wish I had a camera so that I could show you what I put in. I’ll have to improvise with Google Images.

Muffin with star:





Vegetable soup:

An orange:

Cup of tea in pretty flowery china teacup:

A laattteee:

Woman in apron holding a tray of cupcakes:

A yellow flower:

Lavender x2:

Girl with bunch of flowers:

Girl spinning in pretty purple dress.

Needle and thread:

1940s lady looking mysteriously happy (Yes. I know this is Grace Kelly. She’s closest to the picture):

Paper party streamers:

Cracked Tree trunk:

Flicked Liquid Eyeliner:

Plus the words GORGEOUS CURLS and five pictures of Robert Downey Jr.

When I went to sleep last night I decided that this meant nothing more that I was hungry when I was making it. Which is true, but something is clear here. I like food. A lot. I only recently realised for certain that good food is one of my passions in life. No matter what I end up doing – if I work in SuperValu stocking the frozen section – cooking, baking, growing and eating food will ALWAYS be a part of me. I was brought up around recipes and ingredients. People knew we were about excellent food. It’s true that I would like my career to involve food. That is one of the reasons why “event management” is such a positive thing for me to do – it’s stretchy. It means I can incorporate my passions (music, food, dresses, people, singing, talking) into my life.

There’s kind of a crossover there with nature. Flowers and fruit.

I’d love to let a psychoanalyst analyse this for me and tell me what it meanssssss!

ALSO! Since I pasted all those pictures, my camera arrived from Ebay. 😀 So I may post one later of the chart! 😀

4 thoughts on “Vision Board

  1. I have seriously considered event management especially considering my degree background it would be perfect for me but I chose to go a different years ago because I disliked the marketing side of it. I kind of now regret this having gotten involved in digital marketing amongst other areas but I am determined and apparently successful in my current path so may be career part 2 or 3 will feature event management. I hope you do well.

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