UK Yule Ball

I’m a sap. I can’t help thinking those thoughts that you might associate with an Christmas movie. They rarely make it out of my mouth, it’s true. That’s because I am completely aware of how corny and over-the-top I would sound if I said what I was thinking. However, if there were no censor button on me I would spew forth love and ramble greetings card-like lines constantly.

This past week has been no exception to the rule. Spending time (at long last) with my friends in London has had me on the verge of exploding in a shower of cuddles and love all over them. It was great. I had such a good time. The last time I got to spend time with them was in Chicago in August-too long ago by far. 
Leaving was hard. But I’ve decided not to be sad. Life is too short and I know that. There is a bright side: London is only an hour away on a Ryanair flight. It could be so much worse! Instead of moping I’m planning to have them over for my birthday in January. It will be amazing to have them here and to look after them and show them my life. 
Hopefully the next few weeks will go as quickly with something to look forward to.
Turn to the music:
 This little gem by the effervescent and talented Miss Bella Black from Friday night:

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